How to be an Article Writer

One of the most popular home-based jobs nowadays is working as an article writer. A person who works as a writer of online articles enjoys a flexible work schedule and a wide array of topics, especially if he is working as a freelancer. There’s no long list of criteria to work from home as a writer. A good grasp of basic grammar rules and the skill to “tell a story,” however, will always be part of the list.

Those with a passion for writing can find a fruitful career writing articles. Some also use article writing as a sideline, wanting to earn a little extra cash alongside their day job. Whatever the case is, if a person likes putting their thoughts onto paper and could write about a variety of topics, then he can be a successful article writer.

The one thing he needs to keep in mind is to keep that passion for writing alive and burning, and, of course, to have fun!

Here are some steps a person can take to get started as an article writer.

1. Get feedback from friends and family members

Article WriterGetting feedback is important, especially if a person is just rediscovering his love for writing. However, he should remember to ask his friends and family to be frank and honest when they read his articles. Constructive feedback that’s not all praise is the key to improvement. Another thing to keep in mind is not to take their comments personally. If they think an article is written badly or needs a lot of improvement, a person should take it as a chance to practice and improve his work rather than as an attack on his skill as a writer.

2. Decide on the type of topics to write about

An article writer could be a blogger, a critic, or work for an online writing forum. If a person wants to be a blogger or a critic, then he should first decide on what type of things he wants to write about. He could start a blog about his favorite movies or songs, or he could write about his children or how to take care of children. Some online writing forums will give their writers topics to write articles about, while others give their writers the freedom to choose their topics.

3. Practice getting used to sitting for hours in front of a computer

Sitting still and staring at a computer screen may not be a problem for some, but for those who are just starting out as article writers, it could take some getting used to. Writing articles could take hours of research, writing, and editing, and all this takes place right in front of a computer. However, a person should learn to take a break in between writing articles. Getting up to stretch, get a snack, or make some coffee will give any cramped muscles exercise before going back to writing. To know more information visit

4. Remember that writing articles may take hours

This is important for those who have regular jobs. If a person wants to have a sideline in article writing, he should remember to balance his schedule between working at his job and writing articles. Some devote their mornings and afternoons to their office work and then write at night. Finding the balance and remembering to devote a good amount of hours into writing will lead to a successful career.

5. Research is the bedrock of a good article

Good and credible research material will make any article sound and look smart. The internet offers tons of information. It is the job of the writer to pick out the relevant information from the irrelevant ones and to form a cohesive article with this information. No matter the topic, research will always play a role, especially if the article writer is not too familiar with the topics he is assigned to write about.