Lanyard Fashion 101: Choosing the Right Color

Badge lanyards are not only used to carry IDs, cards, keys, and other personal stuff. Today, they have become part of most people’s everyday outfit, especially those who are attending office or school. With the wide range of colors and designs available, how do you choose one that matches your outfit?

Badge LanyardsDon’t ever let yourself get caught in major fashion brouhaha by randomly using a lanyard that doesn’t go well with what you’re wearing. Here are some fashion tips on how to carefully pick the right color that would look best along with your clothes:

1. Use bold-colored lanyards like red, turquoise or fuchsia, to complement plain and neutral-colored outfits. This would add a pop of color to your outfit, making it look exciting. The bold color also accentuates your accessory.

2. Use the color-complement rule. Primary school students are definitely familiar with this one. To find the perfect complement of a certain hue using the color wheel, find the colour that’s directly opposite to it. For instance, yellow is a very popular pair for violet because the two are opposite each other in the color wheel.

3. If you are into dainty stuff, you could opt to have the beaded type of lanyards that look like real necklaces. Apart from being multi-functional, they are also fashionable and trendy. However, beaded lanyards require extra care when in use, to prevent the strings from breaking.

4. Reversible lanyards are not only useful. They also give you a choice on which side to use to match your mood. You can turn to the other side if you want a plain design and flip it over for printed fabric. It’s like having two lanyards in one.

5. If you’re still confused on how to match badge lanyards with your outfit, it’s always best to stick to tones. Tones are produced by adding both white and black to a color. A color combined with any shade of gray is often referred to as “greyed down” hue. Tones can be more relaxing to look at, since they’re not very bold or strong. Most individuals consider these as an elegant, sophisticated, and very safe choice.

6. A split complementary color scheme will produce a hue that is more toned down compared to complementary colors. Despite being toned down, the hue would still look remarkable. To find the split complementary color, pick two analogue colors. The complementary color would be the one that’s between them. For instance, the theoretical split complement of red violet and blue violet would be yellow.

7. Stick to neutral palette for a safe choice. Color choices would include grey, white, black, beige, brown, and other associated tones. Most people choose this because of its simple yet sophisticated look. It could also match any skin tone.

8. Choose unique fabrics for the badge lanyard cord. Some innovative elements used include leather, intertwined cords, and even retractable ones. They are eye-catching and, at the same time, functional.

The diversity of colors, designs, and forms of badge lanyards nowadays only goes to show how much such accessories have evolved. They have transformed into fashion pieces despite being merely associated with boring offices decades ago. More and more people would opt to wear lanyards around their necks, than heavy, bulky necklaces that are just mere decorative elements.

There are several online businesses offering a wide range of badge lanyards in every color, design and form possible. You can even choose to have them produced in large quantities to gain more discounts. They also come in various styles and materials, and differ in both cost and durability.

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