Building A Website Without SEO – Is It Possible To Gain Market share?

BuildinebsiteThere are a lot of iconoclasts that have taken to the web. They have done so with the help of ideas that have been firmly outside of the box. If you want to join them you can, and there’s several ways that you can do it. One of the many ways is to completely ignore all methods of seo. That’s right, pull away from the reins and let your site grow without it. You’ll find that you will be chasing a ghost and vapor most often and it will cause serious detriment. However, there are some people that swear by this and they are truly iconoclasts amidst a lot of followers. Fighting to stay relevant and gaining access to a whole new world of influence is as easy as looking into what you can do to build an audience without the use of search engine optimization, just don’t expect it to be easy.

Build The Site First

No matter what type of site you want to build, go for it in any way you want. If you found a WYSWYG editor online or you sign up for a secondary host that is giving you a web builder, use them. Just remember not to do any extra coding or anything like that. You want to ensure that you are staying true to your vision and working with whatever it is you want to build and forget the aspects of seo. You can do this and still maintain a good sense of creative flow. Don’t listen to anyone’s advice, you know what you want and how you’re going to build it. Just put the right pieces into place and you’re done.

Fill Out The Pages With Content

yourDon’t worry about keywords, don’t worry about duplicate or frivolous content just write something. Fill the pages with whatever it is you want with no attention to repetition, keyword placement or anything else. You are going to be able to gain serious market share here, so make sure that you’re paying attention to exactly the elements that you want to utilize moving forward. Content is content, right? You’ll find that this will get your site up and running within a matter of minutes instead of months and months of trying to get it all done.

Publish Whenever You Want

Ready to publish? Just go for it. You’ll find that if you simply publish the content you want, you will gain serious market share moving forward. Just go for it, allow yourself to move forward with the right elements and hit the publish button often without care for seo and you will have a full site without worry. The true iconoclast doesn’t worry about any protocol they just put up their site and wait for the millions of people to show up.

The Counter Balance

BalanceWhat most people don’t realize about the above methodology is that without knowing it, you’re working on search engine optimization. Building a site today, no matter how you do it has inherent adherence to search engine optimization strategies built into the editors and content that most people have up. You may think that you’re treading on new ground, but the truth of the matter is quite different, you are pushing the elements that search engines already know about and they are indexing your missteps and your glory for their purpose. You could build the worst site ever, and still get indexed within the search results.

The lesson here is simple. Even the iconoclast is getting usurped by search results. You could either take that as a warning to fall in line with proper protocol, or you can silently join the millions of sites within search results today, and still get traffic. It may not be the highest quality, but it will happen, in time.