Custom Challenge Coins in the Sports World

The idea of keepsakes is nothing new and its appeal will exist as long as sports fans want a small item that serves as a symbol of their support for their favorite team. In the sports world, the use of custom challenge coins as a keepsake continues to grow. The tradition of these coins began in the military as a way to build camaraderie, but they have also entered the civilian world. Sports teams can use challenge coins in various ways and they are also helping them to be more known as a collector’s item.

Easy to Customize

Since challenge coins can be highly customized, they are a desirable collectible item for fans and even players. They are affordable and easy to customize, so teams will have no difficulty designing them. Players can also exchange custom challenge coins within their team, especially if their coins are customized to identify a certain number or person. Fans can trade coins with each other, so they could collect coins from important events and the best years of the sport. Those who love a sport in general could trade coins with other collectors to build a collection that features every team.

One of the reasons why challenge coins are interesting is that they can be customized individually. Sometimes, coaches will order coins that have names and jersey numbers to give out to their players, motivating them for the forthcoming season or congratulating them for doing a great job after the season. The coins could also be given during awards ceremonies wherein every coin is designed to reflect personal achievements. You will create a valued and memorable team memento if you combine the highly personal attribute of name and jersey number with the team symbol or mascot. Custom challenge coins are treasured beyond the end of the season.

Fundraising and Other Uses

Sports teams can also use challenge coins for fundraising. Fans of a team will go after a beautifully-designed coin, especially for those who regularly attend games. The coins could be sold during and between games to raise funds to help with equipment costs, travelling expenses, and league fees, which teams might need to pay so they can play. Challenge coins are long-lasting and durable, which makes them more appealing to fans who want to buy a sports souvenir that would not easily break and at the same time, allow them to serve as “sponsors” for their favorite team.

custom coinsThere are more and more crucial sporting events that start off by flipping a challenge coin to decide on the first possession. During a game, it is not unusual that an official would publicly mention that the challenge coin they are flipping has the logo of the school on one side and the logo of the other school on the opposite side.

Custom challenge coins make a great gift, so teams can use these to reward their players for their dedication and hard work to win as well as for fans who just want to have a souvenir. People can use them to raise team spirit and money. They are also a great way to bring together a team’s fan base. Fans and players can trade challenge coins to other teams as this shows good sportsmanship. People with a military background would also love to receive a sports challenge coin, which will remind them of their unity during their time of service. Challenge coins have become collector’s items by people who want a memorabilia from a certain game or season.

The popularity of custom challenge coins is ever growing, so it would be wise for teams to use these coins to promote their image, so they would be considered as relevant and forward-thinking by modern sports fans.

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Factors That Affect Production and Delivery Speed of Ordered Silicon Bracelets

Speed of delivery of ordered items is one of the main sources of concern for many online shoppers these days. To buy something online and to wait for it to arrive is something that many people will find hard to do. Of course, sellers want to satisfy customers but the speed of production of manufacturers is what explains the delay on their side. Yes, production and delivery are related. Of course, this includes those silicon bracelets that are popular among online shoppers.

There are many sellers of standard and custom-made silicon bracelets out in the internet today. However, only a few of them are really open about the way that their systems operate. There is an acceptable standard production and delivery timeframe among sellers of these items. Of course, it cannot be denied that some entities out there can make deliveries on a shorter amount of time. There are others that consume more time when it comes to this matter but are observably getting additional loyal customers.

Silicone braceletsYes, there are factors that affect the speed of production and delivery of silicon bracelets that can be ordered online. It matters for every prospective customer to know about these things so that realistic expectations could be set. These factors are the following:

1. Category of orders placed.

Generally, customers could either go for readymade bracelets or customized ones. The former are those that are shown in the product gallery pages of the online seller. These are mass-produced based from the designs produced by the source. The latter will be produced based from the customization requests of a customer. Of course, orders placed in this category will consume more time during manufacturing and on delivery. Those who want fast deliveries could just prefer “in stock” items being sold by online shops.

2. Type of bracelets ordered.

Because of the presence of many materials that could be made into bracelets, options have become wider for customers. Silicon bracelets could be further divided into subtypes. Some are more difficult and time-consuming to produce than others. As an example, debossed bracelets will eat up a lot of time during the manufacturing process. The operation of the heat press, cooling down of the pressed bracelet, and the addition of finishing touches could take between 3 to 5 minutes per piece. Surface-printed bracelets are faster to produce and large batches could be processed simultaneously with minimal errors.

3. Intricacy of designs and customization requests.

Customization services have opened the room for the creativity of customers. Armed with designing apps and programs, intricate designs could be produced. While it is the job of sellers and manufacturers to entertain requests of customers, they will admit that complicated designs can really slow down production. This is true because their people will spend more time per bracelet in order to ensure that the exact outputs expected by customers are made. There could be delays in the production and delivery too if the designing job is given to the seller’s people. The process will take time most especially when the seller couldn’t come up with designs that will please the customer.

4. Location issues.

The location being mentioned here pertains to the distances between the seller, manufacturer, and the customer. First of all, it is normal for sellers to have foreign manufacturers as their source of products. The distance between these two entities could be a major factor in the speed of deliveries made to customers. The location of the customer is also a factor. Addresses proximal to the seller’s facilities could get fast deliveries of course. If you are in a foreign country, deliveries will take much longer. A two-week wait is normal for this instance.

There are still many factors that could affect how speedy production and delivery of ordered silicon bracelets are made. The ones mentioned above would surely give you an idea of how long you are supposed to wait for the items you’re planning to buy.

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Dealing With Grief: Arranging A Loved One’s Funeral Service

Death is an unwieldy subject, and most individuals would rather not talk about it openly. It has become taboo in our society, even though dying is just as natural as giving birth. It is the end of life and a destination that all humans are bound to get to, in time.

This is why, when death strikes, families scramble to make sense of their loved one’s passing. As a result, many factors are taken for granted. Chief of these is the program for the visitation and memorial service.

Because of the heaviness of their grief, families would often relegate the bulk of the task to the funeral homes. Though qualified to deal with the funerary rites, arrangements made by individuals outside the immediate family lack resonance with the deceased’s identity and personality.

It is much better to be hands-on and participate. Strive to be involved so that you can give your loved one the send-off that he/she deserves.

To guide you through this process, here are a few tips for arranging a visitation program and memorial service.

I. Choose a location that is convenient for friends and relatives.

Even small towns will have a list of funeral homes, churches, parks, community centers, and houses to hold services in. Make the location accessible for friends and relatives of the deceased who may be traveling from out of state. You will want to accommodate his/her friends who can share their experiences and stories interacting with him/her.

In the case of a memorial service, you may choose a location that was meaningful to the deceased, such as a restaurant, museum, beach, or concert hall to celebrate his/her life.

II. Provide ample time for relatives and friends to attend the wake.

Unless the deceased specifically included it in his/her final wishes, it always best to let friends and relatives know of the death and invite them to the wake to view the body for one last time, especially if budget is not an issue. They will also want to memorialize your loved one, and visiting will also help them process their grief.

Having individuals who have been in touch with your loved one’s and share your anxieties and grief will also be beneficial for you. They can provide you with the support and comfort that you need in this time of need.

Funeral homes often include this service in their offerings, and they can assist you with contacting friends and relatives.

III. Assign people to deliver eulogies or tributes.

If you are holding a visitation that will last for several days, you can opt to hold services every night. These can be officiated by a minister, priest, or your choice of religious (or non-religious) authority.

Funeral HomesTo further remember the deceased’s life and contributions, you can designate certain individuals to deliver eulogies or tributes every night, or you may only reserve this activity on the last day of the wake. Only make sure that the speakers have ample time to compose their speeches.

IV. Conduct activities that were significant to the deceased.

For the wake of a singer or theater actor, you may include a singing/jamming session in the program. Performers may be given a list of the deceased’s favorite songs and play them live, or you can choose to set up an audio and video player to replay the deceased’s past performances.

For an avid runner, you may also hold a run after the funeral that bears his/her name. You can make this an annual event to remember and memorialize the deceased’s life vividly.

Whatever arrangement you choose, always remember that there are people who are willing to help you go through this difficult time. Funeral Homes will often have a list of grief counselors on hand should you need them. They can also offer assistance to you and your family regarding insurance claim benefits and the division of wills and trusts.

If you think you cannot take anymore, it is alright to delegate duties to someone else. Help is available, and you shouldn’t feel ashamed for asking for it.